Meet The Team

The team at Demand Manager provide in-depth market knowledge and will work through your projects to ensure compliance and a good return

Jeff Bye
Founder and CEO

Jeff Bye has worked in the clean energy industry since 1998, and in successful financing and deployment of clean technology upgrades. He founded Demand Manager in 2005, bringing in-depth knowledge of the energy efficiency and solar power markets to create financial products for both service providers and energy consumers directly. Jeff has also established and run an Australian solar power company with over 3,000 installations.  Jeff holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from UTS, an MBA from MGSM and is working towards obtaining the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Vincent Willems van Beveren
General Manager

Vincent Willems van Beveren, BE Grad Cert EEM is Demand Manager's General Manager. Vincent joined  Demand Manager in October 2010. He has a background as a Process Engineer in different manufacturing industries in the Netherlands and Australia. Vincent works to make energy and water saving practices more accessible to organisations, so that their action on climate change becomes a part of their standard operating procedure and delivers reliable returns.

Thumpi Bhaskar
Snr Contract Manager

Thumpi undertakes project management and auditing which he brings to Demand Manager’s customer-focussed project environment. Thumpi draws on 20 years experience within the electrical appliances industry, prior to joining Demand Manager. He has held positions  in operations, project and commercial management and more recently with sales experience with a Tier 1 electricity company and in solar systems sales.

Sama Shakya
Contract Manager

Sama undertakes operational transactions and project compliance and quality assurance at Demand Manager. Sama holds Bachelor & Masters degree in professional accounting with experience supporting the finance teams in technology, luxury products and tourism industries. She has been working in the clean energy sector since 2012 and at Demand Manager since March 2013.

Mark Hofner
State Manager, SA/Vic

Mark Hofner is an experienced professional who has previously run businesses in the solar power, digital imaging and business process automation industries.  Mark holds an MBA from the University of Adelaide and other qualifications in management.  Mark will be using his management experience to establish processes and procedures the secures Demand Manager's leading position in the clean energy finance sector.